After Sales and Service

  • Service Concept

    In accordance with the timing of the user is responsible for adhering to the user to create the greatest value of the service concept, adhere to the user first, customer satisfaction as a measure of all our work standards and purposes.

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  • Technical Service System

    The company set up by the pre-sale center, after-sales service center, service center composed of three technical service system. Through the professional consulting team and experienced engineers to provide customers with "one hundred percent" service. At the same time after-sales service center to conduct regular user visits, a full range of on-site operation training, system upgrades and other services, effectively provide customers with worry-free after-sale protection.

  • Developer Services

    EastRiver Through independent innovation research and development, production, production, platform software to the terminal equipment, will provide development services for all types of related industry developers. Including the provision of software database interface, terminal equipment protocol interface development, third-party docking development services, technical support, operations services, promotion services, settlement services.

    EastRiver Hand in hand with a large number of industry developers to access and work together to create an intelligent management industry chain, and users "cooperation and development, create a better future, work together, cooperation and win-win" You are welcome to join, so stay tuned.

    Agent Service

    EastRiver VIP agents for the following provides a number of superior service projects
    1, VIP service line chat group; 2, rapid response services; 3, regular return visit service; 4, the agency VIP price system; 5, fast after-sales maintenance services; 6 free home training services; 7, regional customer protection
    Welcome more agents to join in "success is cooperation, win-win cooperation in the world" Agents to join hotline: 18928296581, look forward to your call!

  • Online Service

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    Service Hours
    Monday to Friday

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  • Contact us

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