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With the in-depth development of informatization, the most primitive requirement of the large-scale enterprise card management system is to build a unified data platform, realize information sharing and centralized control

The establishment of a unified data platform to achieve information sharing and centralized control belongs to the “One Card, One Library, One Network” card integrated platform in the true sense. Therefore, the system design should not be a simple combination and integration of individual single-function systems. It is necessary to consider the technical implementation of the overall design ideas of the unified network platform, unified database, data transmission security, various management system interfaces, and exception handling, so that the intelligentization and informationization of the overall performance of each management system and reader terminal equipment can be achieved. Worrying about system design.

  The system software and hardware should adopt a modular structure design. Full consideration should be given to the changes in the company's needs. The convenience and flexibility of system expansion and upgrade should be provided. Standard and general information interfaces should be provided, and the management system of the original departments can be completed. Compatible, it can ensure long-term and efficient user investment, and avoid waste of resources and repeated investment.

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