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Timely Enterprise Card System
With the in-depth development of informatization, the most primitive requirement of the large-scale enterprise card management system is to build a unified data platform, realize information sharing and centralized control
Timely Enterprise Card System

1, the system uses C / S architecture, based on Sqlserver2008R2 large relational database design, mainstream Windows server 2008 R2 large-scale server operating system, client support winxp, win7, win10

2. Flexible architecture: Based on the "TCP/IP-based Next-generation Integrated One Card System", a single platform is used to expand the architecture of multiple subsystems. The service subsystems are rich in functions, and platform construction and subsystem expansion are simple.

3, a unified data platform: The system uses SQL SERVER database to integrate all the basic data resources, thereby building a unified data platform to achieve data sharing, synchronization and exchange, is a true sense of "a card, a library, a network" card platform .

4. Open Data Interface: Provides a variety of data interfaces such as a common database interface, middleware interface, and underlying hardware dynamic library to realize the interconnection and interoperability of the smart card system with other application systems.

5, TCP/IP bottom layer equipment communication: The terminal equipment adopts the high-speed TCP/IP bottom layer communication agreement, supports the real-time and off-line automatic switching working mode, guarantees the data the security and the reliability.

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